Series The Flesh Is At War

The Flesh Is At War

I want you to get ready for another powerful message entitled “The Flesh Is At War.” Have you ever been in conflict? You know, that place where you’re torn on the inside, where you want to do what’s right. You desire to please God but there’s another side of you that’s warring against the things of God. Warring against his righteousness. Warring against what’s the right thing to do. The flesh is at war.

Have you ever found it difficult to stay on the straight and the narrow path? I mean your find yourself zig-zagging all across the paths. All in the lanes. All in the meadows. All out there with the cows. Instead of being on that straight path. The flesh is at war.

Have you ever felt that gentle tug, that gentle nudge from the Holy Spirit? See the Holy Spirit is very gentle. Some people say it’s like having a gentleman in your presence. Not going to be forceful, not going to be loud. Not going to be bodacious or demanding. But just a gentle nudge. Don’t say anything. Just a gentle nudge: don’t go there. And you found yourself not listening to that gentle nudge? You found out it was God leading you in a different direction. The flesh is at war.

You see there’s a war going on and I want you to understand and know, especially those who really want to serve God and really want to go into another place of maturity in the things of God. You are hungry. You love God. Get ready, don’t even turn this down. Hold on Your Flesh Is At War and when you find out what the enemy is and you find out what’s really going on and you find out how to get out of that situation, you’re going to find yourself growing.

So get your pens, get your paper, get your iPads, get everything together, we’re going to dive into several scriptures. You’re going to need something that you can take notes and keep those scripture and then go back and digest on them and chew on it. I am so excited because somebody that’s listening to this broadcast has already made up their mind: “I want to grow, I want to mature. I want to get past some craziness that’s in my life”. Hold on your time is now.

To listen to this powerful series from Dr. Ty, please press play on each part below.
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