Podcast God Is More Than Enough, Part 2

God Is More Than Enough, Part 2

Hello, my podcast listening audience this is Dr. Ty Dixon, get ready for another exciting message entitled “God is More Than Enough.”

Do you realize that God is more than enough?

Jesus Christ in you is more than enough of anything and everything you could possibly ask for, you could possibly dream about, you could possibly want.

Jesus is more than enough.

Are you seeking for the next move of God?

Are you seeking for that next promotion? Are you seeking for the greater influence? Well get ready to be tested! Yes, before you get to the overflow, before you get to the downpour, before you get to that place where you say “I have truly” No, I’ve gone to another level! You must be tested.

Look at somebody say, “To get more than enough, I’ve got to pass the test.”

We are going to explore the life of Abraham. And then we’re going to go into some of the elements of passing the test.

I want you to grab your pen, grab your papers, grab your Bibles, grab your iPad and your iPhone. Get ready for more than enough.

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