Series Get Back On Track

Get Back On Track

I want you to get ready for another powerful message entitled “Get Back On Track.” Yes, it’s time for us to get back on track. This series is going to provoke you to take a self-check. You know, sometimes we may see ourselves one way but God is looking at something that he’s not pleased with. We find as Jesus expounds in the letters to the Churches found in Revelation 3 he found some things in some of those Churches that they similarly were not aware of concerning it. Yet he was very displeased with some of the churches.

We’re going explore the Church of Sardis. And we’re going to get ready to dive into the Word of God and we’re going to visit that Church. I want you, as we go through the Word of God and as we talk about the Church of Sardis, let’s do a self-check. Let’s imagine that if Jesus was to visit my temple, my God. You know the Bible tells us that we’re the template of the Holy Spirit. If Jesus was to visit my temple, my Church, my temple, and write a letter what would he say?

Grab your Bibles, grab your iPads, grab your pen and your paper. Your life will never be the same. Get ready for “Get Back On Track.”

To listen to this powerful series from Dr. Ty, please press play on each part below.
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